November 21, 2008

Are you serious?

I am driving to work, listening to the radio station blah, blah and they cut to a breaking news update. This is great, I can get my news and pretend to hold my own with anyone smarter than me. So as we are conversing, "I can say you know what happened in Rwanda today...." ..So, I can be smarty pants too!

Guess what the update was on? It was on a Madonna’s Divorce and Paris Hilton’s break up! I almost crashed my car….


This is what breaking news has come to? Not that I don’t love a little gossip, every now and then, I am not above that. Discussions about a celebrity and a faux-celebrity like Paris Hilton? Miss famous for doing absolutely nothinnnnnggggggg! She’s not even a real celebrity but that’s a discussion for another day. No wonder the news corporations are going out of business

How can I be a smarty pants without my news? Yesss, it’s all about me.

For any news people reading this, please note that Celebrity Make Up and Break up is not news.

Repeat after me, Gossip is not news.

By Lee Lee