November 24, 2008

What not to wear

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’m so excited to see my family, but I’m already panicking! Not about in-laws or that the turkey might burst into a spectacular ball of flame leaving us Turkeyless (I made that word up)! My biggest issue…I have no idea what I’m going to wear! I know, sounds petty right?

It’s my sister’s year to host. It’s a casual affair, but sweatpants are still out of the question. I want to look nice, but be comfortable and true to my personality.

This year will be the first annual Frisbee Golf tournament. Then there will be the usual challenges from my nephew on Guitar Hero (I totally rock!) and video dance offs from my niece (thank goodness she’s stopped asking me to play baby dolls that’s just not my style!) Of course in the kitchen it will be my job to peel the potatoes and then there’s the eating all day and the accidental napping on the couch.

I’ve spent the last few days staring into my closet and finally got the nerve to approach it. What do you wear for such diverse activities? Today I was miraculously able to narrow down my options by thinking about what NOT to wear. I need a pant with Spandex in it for easy movement and a full belly after dinner, a stretch cotton top for all that vigorous activity and the ability to push the sleeves up while working in the kitchen and maybe a sweater as a layering piece that can be removed for better guitar playing.

Wow, that wasn’t so bad! So I pull out my favorite dark denim low rise jeans, a new light weight ruched cotton turtleneck that I got wicked on sale and a cutaway cardigan for layering!

Now I should start planning for the rest of the holidays…hmm I know a place that’s having a great sale!

By Kyndall