November 7, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are almost here and you’ve got a job to do. Picking a gift that is just right can be the hardest chore on your to do list. So why not change it from being the hardest thing on the list to the most creative thing on your list? Here are some tips for creative holiday gift giving.

Listen to what they’re saying
Just by listening to the things your loved ones are saying can be a great way to get hints about the things they really want. Have a conversation with them and ask questions about the things they like or don’t like. Without coming right out and asking them what they want you can get a lot of really valuable information from them about the types of things they would like to receive.

Gifts for Mom
Mom can be the hardest one to buy for. What do you buy the woman who already has everything? Metrostyle has a great accessories section that has everything from scarves to sunglasses and what Mom wouldn’t like a designer inspired handbag?

Gifts for Her
This could be a sister, sister in law, friend, cousin or aunt. Why not fill up a fabulous handbag with all the goodies she likes? Fill it with candy, promises of free babysitting, gloves, books, make-up or gift cards! The possibilities are endless!

Gifts for the Student
Make life a little easier for your student this holiday. Fill a stylish handbag full of goodies as well as useful items. Throw in a gas card, a gift card to a local supermarket or some spending money for campus stuff. Throw in a metrostyle gift card so they can buy anything they choose. Toss in a belt, a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses.

Express your feelings
Use the holidays to express what you feel about friends and family. Make something special for them if you are good at some sort of craft. An excellent idea is to get together some old photos and compile them into a nicely decorated scrapbook. You can use almost any theme at all. Make up a book from the last holiday gathering to present to aunts or mothers. This is great for those relatives who live far away. Make up a book of special memories for a spouse or significant other. For teens make up a book of baby memories.

No matter what gift you choose to give always remember to cherish your time together. Gifts can be returned and replaced but friends and family are to be cherished always. And when in doubt go for a gift card and let them decide. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

By Brooke