November 4, 2008

Miami, Miami… You’ve got style!

This fall our creative team headed to Miami, to kickoff the Spring 2009 catalog season. As the days grow colder and shorter in the northeast, they could think of no better place to photograph our new sexy summer swimwear and metroblues styles. After all Miami is known for its blue skies, sunshine and sands by the mile… yeah right!

While most of the swim photo shoot, photographed at Glass Haus Studios, had beautiful weather… during the last few days, shot on Miami streets, the weather proved challenging. The models including ANTM, Dani Evans, were forced under cover to preserve their hair and makeup!

At the end of their long days of shooting, the creative team retreated to the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove. However, they were far too tired to enjoy the hotels amenities.

For an insiders view of a metrostyle photo shoot check out our video backstage pass of the Fall 2008 shoot and look for your copy of the new Spring Transition catalog coming in mid January!

By Gabby