November 17, 2008

Morning Struggle

The hottest commodity in my house is definitely the bathroom. Every morning we all make a mad dash for it and inevitably, my wife wins. Then she spends anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes doing things I can't even guess at. (She's explained it to me several times before but as soon as words like "mascara wand" and "make-up remover" get involved, I zone out.).

Once she's done, she comes out looking exactly like she did when she went in. Then, it takes at least another half hour for her to pick out the perfect outfit which means I'm stuck waiting for her to put it on and finish all her last minute adjustments before I can jump in the bathroom.

This makes absolutely no sense! As a guy, I need only ten minutes to get ready: 3 minutes to shower, 3 to brush my hair and teeth and to put on deodorant, 2 to choose an outfit and 2 to put it on. I can't figure out why my wife needs so much time to look exactly the same as when she woke up. Call me unobservant but what exactly does she do with all that time and why is it necessary?

How long does it take you to get ready each morning? How long does it take you to pick out your outfit? Any clues into the female psyche would definitely help out this poor confused guy.

By Mr. Y