November 3, 2008

Ladies In Waiting

With the election just a day away, can’t imagine the kind of pressures that Cindy or Michelle have endured all these months. And the big question….will their husband be president, will they become 1st lady? The eyes of the nation have been on the candidates and their wives, scrutinizing their every word, deed, and even their sense of style, what they were wearing.

Don’t know about you but I panic just deciding on the right thing to wear to work each day. Sorry ladies, but we can be catty critics at times. ‘Did you see what she was wearing’ or ‘what was she thinking’ and “she obviously doesn’t own a mirror”. Come on, admit it. We’ve all been there, done that. Talk about some major anxiety!

So , trying to imagine one of those lovely ladies is me, I prepare my hair, makeup, wardrobe all by myself (okay, so they probably have a stylist helping them). I have several last minute campaign obligations and need to present myself in a confident, but approachable way. With a last minute TV appearance and campaign luncheon to attend I know I have just the right outfits to pull off any event. This morning I am a guest on The Today Show and will wear a soft cardigan with pashmina scarf and pair that off with leather jeans.

Then I make a mad dash to the airport to catch a flight to Virginia for a luncheon. I am confident that I will look fabulous in a jacquard skirtsuit. I think the ladies will approve.

And, after a long day of campaign stomping, I am heading home and spend time with my family. Wearing a velour pantset and my favorite velvet ballerinas, I am ready for bedtime stories and pizza with the kids!

Am anxiously awaiting the voting results tomorrow night, and making that final decision on what to wear to the ball!!!

By Goldie